Free: 20 Cover and Thumbnail Designs

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The idea for this free image bundle came when I observed that some people started to use some of my Pixabay images as cover art for their music videos on YouTube. The included designs where all created using the design assets that you can find in my store.

Included in this bundle are 20 designs that can be used for free under the Pixabay License(

They are all round and centered. This allows you to crop the image to a square and it will still look good. (A technique I also use for my product images to have the same design with two different dimensions).

Just add your text or other elements in the center of the image and you are ready to go.

In case you want to support me, feel free to pay an amount of your own choice or grab some other product from my store.

Download this bundle and you will get 20 Cover and Thumbnail Designs in the following formats:

  • JPG High Resolution (4000 – 6000px wide)

  • JPG downsized to 2048px

These images are useful for:

  • Create cover images for songs or music videos

  • Use as thumbnail image for a YouTube video

  • Add as a banner to an article or blog post

  • Create a promotion

  • Use in advertisement

  • Add to a PowerPoint presentation as a title slide

  • Or just as a wallpaper on your laptop

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1 rating
  • You will get 20 Cover and Thumbnail Designs.

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    229 MB
  • You will get 20 Cover and Thumbnail Designs.
  • Size229 MB


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Free: 20 Cover and Thumbnail Designs

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